at unilin group,
nothing is impossible

When someone says it can't be done, we don't believe them. We are driven by passion, entrepreneurship, excellence and respect. This mindset allows us to do absolutely anything. Creating the most beautiful floor? Of course. Being a part of the best cycling team ever? Count us in. Going to the moon? Consider it done.

Where others see obstacles and say that something is impossible, we see opportunities. We are the Unimpossibles.

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Where others see obstacles, say it’s impossible, we see opportunities. We are the Unimpossibles.

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Why become an

it’s incredibly fun

Working at Unilin Group is working in a positive environment that is collaborative and human. Well-being, health and fun are three other foundations of our culture. We call this spirit 'The Happy Workout' and regularly launch new initiatives to boost our positive and entrepreneurial mindset even more. Did you know that those shining people you saw in the video aren't actors? Nope, they're all genuine Unilin Group employees.

we have no limits

We are UnilinUnited: one team, all over the globe. This team consists of more than 7500 people and over 70 different nationalities. Uniting talent from all over the world, that's Unilin Group.

the strongest team ever

The foundation of our success? It’s our people. We are proud of our colleagues and like to involve them as much as possible in everything we do, such as this Unimpossble campaign. Will you be a part of our next heroic movie? Who knows …

passionate about our products

Have you seen our beautiful products in the video? We used our specialized MDF boards to build a rocket and insulated it with our superb insulation boards, as it might be chilly on the moon. You also saw our wonderful vinyl, laminate and parquet floors. Did we already mention we are crazy about what we make?

next level safety and sustainability

We aim to be a zero harm company where everyone takes care of each other and safety is essential in everything we do. In the making of this video we used gloves, protective eyewear and we even wrapped a kid in bubble wrap! We’re also pioneers when it comes to sustainability. The products in our movie are partly made of waste material and we use renewable energy in some of our plants.

heroes at work and beyond

Unilin Group has a big name in sports too. Our Quick-Step cycling team shares the Unimpossible values: dare to dream and turn those dreams into reality. Have you seen Ewoud Vromant in our hero movie? He's one of the athletes supported by Unilin Group and a former triathlete who got his leg amputated after a tumor. Ewoud recently took silver in the time trial at the Paralympic Games. The Games were, to say the least, anything but smooth sailing for Ewoud, but he persevered! Just like we at Unilin Group never give up!

we live
by our

When someone says it can’t be done,
we don’t believe them.
Some say we’re stubborn,
we call it dedication.
Keep trying until we reach a smile.
And you know what we do next?

We push the limits,
look for other ways to innovate,
motivate, create,

Better solutions for even better homes,
more sustainable and more beautiful.
Isn’t beauty a joy forever?
To be lived in so many different ways,
all over the world.

So where others see obstacles,
say it’s impossible,
we see opportunities.

We are the Unimpossibles.